Johnson’s Hair & Body Wash Soothing Natural


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Johnson’s Soothing Naturals Hair/Body Wash is Good for kids skin

By  ivansmom

from Grand Rapids, MI

We are big fans of Johnson’s family of children’s products so we were happy when a friend of ours gave a bottle of Johnson’s Soothing Naturals Hair & Body Wash to our son as a gift. Our son has sensative skin so we need to be careful with the kind of products he uses,especially in the winter when his son gets super dry. We’ve been really pleased with this Hair & Body Wash though. It cleared up the dry skin on our sons scalp and also didn’t irritate his arms and legs like some cheaper products have. This product also has a very light, natural smell (unlike some baby/childrens products that are annoyingly strong). We were so impressed with this product that we put it in an empty soup dispensor so that our son could use it to wash his hands. I would say this product fits in well with the Johnson’s line of products and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who doesnt like strong smelling products and also wants products that are gentle.

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